Titus G Pandi
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My name is Titus G. Pandi, and I am proud to work as a photographer. I have a peculiar profession which is also my passion: to seize the perfect moment and to capture it as everlasting.

I have been working for long on this 'immortality project', mainly in the area of applied photography.   I have already done several projects in fashion, both in Hungary and abroad, including catalogues, editorials, image communication-  and advertising campaigns. My other field of activities includes making portfolios for both beginner and professional models, as well as shooting photo albums for private clients.  

During the years I have gathered my own creative team of make-up artists, hairdressers, stylists, assistants and I work with a large database of models. I always do my best to 'translate' the concept of the client to the visual language of photography - whether it is a complete project to be worked out (creative concept, casting, shooting, graphics and printing design) whether a project based on a given script.

My favourite genres are fashion-, model-, portrait- and fine art nude photography.

'One picture speaks more than a thousand words'  - so please accept the invitation and enjoy the selected photos representing my activity and personality!

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